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Emigration for Action – is a project run by Russian emigrants in Georgia that helps Ukrainian refugees in the medical, social and psychological spheres and unites Russian-speakers who are against the war.   Since April 2022, we have been buying medication for Ukrainians who need it and running educational and charity events to support them. During this time, we have collected more than $229,000, helped 8,300 Ukrainians and organised 210 events.

How do we help?

1. Help with medication

We built a system of regular volunteer duty in our office. Thanks to this, volunteers can efficiently process medication orders, put together requested medicines, and distribute them to those in need. We regularly lead consultations with healthcare providers and pharmacists for our team and we work with a major pharmacy chain.

2. Complex medical care

When medication alone is not enough, we make referrals to medical specialists. In some instances, we accompany cases that require complex operations.

3. Psychological help

Some of the volunteers who join us take an adapted course in psychological first aid. It is based on the Rapid FPA model, developed at Johns Hopkins University and adapted for our work by psychologist Yuri Zarubin. As a result, volunteers can assess the psychological condition of people and, in complex cases, refer them to the relevant specialists.

4. Media assistance and educational activities

Last Septembeк we prepared a large guide about adapting to life in Georgia. Within the guide there is useful information for all those who have ended up here, long- or short-term. We also run educational events on different topics, from academic lectures and discussions on socially important topics to anti-war festivals and tours around Georgia.

5. Helping those fleeing mobilisation

In Autumn 2022 after the mobilisation announcement in Russia, we set up a crisis shelter for those fleeing mobilisation, organised a humanitarian aid distribution point in Dariali, and opened a special information centre in our office. In total, we helped hundreds of people.
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